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Historically born & launched in 1999, one of the old time .com service provider.

Incorporated in February 2007, operates as New York State Corporation. Technology Company specialized in Web/Internet/IT technologies. Centered for: advancing technological developments, innovations & high-end security areas.

Regard to WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT we have quite long history of experience and clientbase. We do and deliver the job; from very small personal web pages to medium, enterprise and large size complex government projects.

90% of the projects achieved In-House. We are Easy to work-with; Experienced, Fast and Competitive.

We can handle all your web needs. Not only understanding of hand-coding and application development but also because of our deep involvements in many industries over the years this makes us understand and know, what the business needs from the owner perspective and how to satisfy your requirements.

Please contact us for your technologic challenges. We can provide solutions, not only ourselves but also through with our teamed-up surroundings of genuine talents, graphic artists, web developers, programmers, database engineers, hardware specialists, product experts and professional solution providers. Our teamed of network well recognized, it is global and reaches many industries.

Web Design, Responsive Mobile Design, Advance Shopping Cart, News Portals, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla,, Blogs, Social media, Analytics, Heat Maps, Content Management Systems (CMS), Smart Sales,Real-time Online Auctions, Real Time Visitor Tracking, Store to Web Inventory Integration, S.E. Optimization Intelligent Business Systems, Advance Security, Supply Chain & Logistic System Implementations. Data Centers, Data Distribution Systems, IT Solutions, Hardware and Cabling, Surveillance, CCTV, Access Control Systems

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